24 Hours without mobile phones, TVs, social media, traffic, pollution, noise and man-made light

24 Hours with your colleagues - free from interruption and emails - time well spent

24 Hours without takeaways, pubs, cinemas, shops and cars

24 Hours with time to think, talk to people and learn something new

You'll meet us at lunch time on Day 1, when you'll be briefed as to what you\re going to be doing and where you're going. This briefing covers everything you need to know at this stage, and includes a thorough safety brief.

You'll then get everything ready and you'll be transported to the roadhead from where you depart civilisation for 24 hours.

You'll find your own way to your overnight camp site, with our professional staff close at hand to help you as and when needed.

On arrval at the camp site you'll be faced with the classic survival issues of Shelter, Warmth and Food. Our instructors will show you how to use the tarps you've been provided with, along with natural materials to create shelter. They'll show you how to make and light a fire, use some basic cooking equipment and fashion some useful extras. It won't be long before it feels like home from home.

You'll sleep out overnight, maybe do a night walk and some stargazing, listen to the sounds of the night and see if you can work out what they are. You'll enjoy some camp-cooked food and the wamth of your campfire. Hopefully you'll enjoy a good nights sleep.

In the morning, after breakfast and taking the camp down, you'll undertake a series of short challenges, finally making your way back to the roadhead. From here you'll either be heading home, or maybe to the Hotel for a hot shower and a refreshing drink - depending which option you've chosen.


- Work, walk and eat together
- Experience an overnight camp
- Learn about your colleagues and see them in a
  new light
- Build relationships
- Build a team