Issues surrounding sustainability, conservation and the environment are high on the agenda of many businesses and organisations, and we offer a range of opportunities to help your workforce develop a greater understanding and appreciation of them alongside helping build relationships and teams.

Here are some examples of how we can achieve that.

1. A Practical Project
This could simply involve your group in some useful, practical conservation work - for example tree-planting, scrub clearance or footpath repair. Alternatively you could take on a project to manage from scratch, and your team could plan, co-ordinate and then undertake the task to specified standards, using local experts as a resource. Linking practical work with discussions and external speakers provides a comprehensive overview.

2. Walk and Talk
We design walks to illustrate specific issues relating to conservation and environment, and engage specialist local leaders. You might hear from a local farmer, a National Trust or National Park representative or senior representatives from the business community that lead in sustainability. This mix of walking and talking provides an ideal way of learning more about the natural environment alongside gathering some new insights and ideas. For those people with responsibilities for projects that have large scale legacies and/or complex conservation issues, these events provide an excellent forum through which policy and organisational culture can be developed.

3. The Island Experience
The Isle of Muck is one of Scotland's 'Small Isles', set close to the Isle of Skye and almost 2 hours out to sea by boat. Now owned by the MacEwan family, the island and it's islanders are sustained by farming, fishing, shooting and tourism. Staying at the recently built Gallanach Lodge, you'll discover a completely different rhythm of life, and a different approach to managing land and people. You'll enjoy Muck's superb coastline and hear from the local population about their approach to life on this Atlantic island. The wildlife is excellent, with lots of seals, sea birds, dolphins and minke whales and both golden and sea eagles are seen regularly.


RAF and civilian volunteers after working together to clean Whiteleaf Cross in the Chilterns