Our Team Challenge Events offer a combination of physical and creative challenges, all tailored to the fitness, energy and experience levels of your group.

Our outdoor challenges vary from multi active journeys combining walking, biking and canoeing to multi active challenges involving for example orienteering, problem solving and abseiling. More creative and less physical challenges are also available, involving creative media for example.

Our instructors offer support and encouragement, and never put anyone in a position in which they cross the threshold of feeling challenged, to being frightened.

Two of our classic challenges are the Langdale Challenge and the Ullswater Challenge

The Langdale Challenge involves a walk through this delightful mountain valley, with 'special stages' involving problem solving, rock climbing, abseiling and gorge scrambling. It's a day with many variants that allow us to cater for all abiity levels. Participants both do the activities and perform the safety functions under tight supervision.

The Ullswater Challenge is a tougher, longer event that involves mountain biking, a mountain walk and a final canadian canoe trip on Ullswater. Participants are more self-sufficient on this event, and have to check in at a small number of control points.

We have many other challenge opportunities, and as with all our events, they are very carefully matched to your group and the desired outcomes.

For larger groups, the original Lakes Challenge event remains a popular format.

Participants choose their own challenges from a range of options and may opt to raise funds for charity.

We don't offer an 'outward bound' type of experience in which the fittest members of the group have a great time and everyone else suffers! This is more likely to lead to division than unity.