People who feel good in themselves, who are fit, healthy and who execute an appropriate work/life balance are likely to be happier and to perform better at work. The outdoor environment is well-known for it's ability to help in this respect.

No experience is required and no special levels of fitness or ability are needed.

Lakes Challenge offer a bespoke service to orgnisations, businesses and health groups, using the great outdoors as a way of improving the physical and mental well-being of those in their charge.

There's no fixed programme or perfect way of achieving well-being, but the types of activity listed later have been shown to offer great benefits. These benefits include:

  • Adopting a healthier long-term lifestyle and becoming fitter;
  • A reduction in time taken off work due to illness and stress;
  • Providing a relaxed environment in which people can talk and discuss issues that are important to them;
  • Gaining a greater understanding of and an affinity with the natural world and our place in it;
  • Building relationships and getting to know colleagues better in an informal environment;
  • Time to think more clearly;
  • Setting work, life, relationships and personal issues in perspective;


- WALKING: It doesn't have to be a long walk, but our walks in the countryside open your eyes and ears to the natural world through the experience of our walking guides and the extra content they provide, One walk on it's own is valuable, but a short programme of walks has greater benefits, including a vastly increased likelihood of participants continuing to enjoy the benefits of walking in the countryside away from the programme.

- CONSERVATION WORK: Working with a conservation organisation, you can take part in a worthwhle project, learn new skills and get closer to nature.

- 24 HOURS: Our 24 Hours in the Wild programme offers participants the opportunity to really get away from it all for 24 hours - no phones, or i-pads. Building your own shelter to sleep under and fire to cook on, you'll be far enough away from civilisation to feel that you're in a special environment, and there's no doubt that at the end of the 24 hours, you'll see life and your colleagues a little differently.

- CREATIVE MEDIA: Everyone has a degree of creativity, and what better place to explore this than in the outdoors. Photography, sculpture, art and poetry all bring positive benefits in terms of well-being and can release strong emotions and reveal hidden talent.